Lamps (DIY)

To see the full range of shapes that you can do on your own, refer to our video gallery.
The DIY flat packs comes together with an instruction manual, you can customized the color of the pieces to your preference. 
It is possible to change the lamp cord from 2 pin to 3 pin, our tutorial video on how to change it is at our video gallery.
The prices for the flat packs below includes the prices of delivery charges.

S - XXL 30 pc ball
8 different colors selection, comprising of all the rainbow colors including white

Jump to: M L XL XXL Lamp cord and Bulbs  

S size

S piece (8cm)

S 30 pc ball (14cm)

S[120 pieces] - $25
(Full white)

S[Rainbow Ball] - $25
(60 white, 5 red, 5 purple, 10 blue, 10 orange,
10 green, 10 pink, 10 yellow)
S[2 Mini Rainbows] -$25
(36 white, 12 red, 12 pink, 12 orange, 12 yellow,
12 green, 12 blue, 12 purple)
Half S[60 pieces] - $13
(Full white)
                                                  M size

M piece (11cm)

M 30 pc ball (20cm)
M[30 pieces] - $15
(Full white)
M Rainbow Lamp[45 pieces] - $22
(10 white, 5 red, 5 pink, 5 orange, 5 yellow,
5 green, 5 blue, 5 purple
                                                  L size
L piece (15cm)
L 30 pc ball (28cm)
L[30 pieces] - $25
(Full white)

                                                 XL size
XL piece (21cm)
XL 30 pc ball (38cm)
XL[30 pieces] - $28
(Full white)

                                                 XXL size
XXL piece (24cm)
XXL 30 pc ball (43cm)
XXL[30 pieces] - $30
(Full white)
Lamp cord and Bulbs

240V 2-pin Lamp cord
1.5m long with an on/off switch

3 Watts LED bulb with remote control - $10
Optional upgrade from normal bulb
Can only be bought with ready made shapes.
1 Watt LED bulb
(Yellow, green, red and blue bulb only)
Used for LED lamp

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